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Sculpture médiatique, Le flotteur (2016)


Évier en acier inoxydable, acier, flotteur de pêche, ficelle de coton, composante électronique, eau noircit avec encre de Chine 

Vue d'installation Se faire avoir comme un bleu - Hook, Line and Sinker à la Galerie du Nouvel Ontario, Sudbury.

Texte d'accompagnement par Normand Renaud (lien)

Accompanying text by Normand Renaud (link)

The Bobber (2016) is a kinetic sculpture involving a brightly coloured wooden fishing bobber accompanied by the subtle sound of a slow leak (water drips) that emanates from the metal structure supporting the stainless steel sink.

The piece is still most of the time, allowing the blackened water to form a mirrored surface. On a random cycle, the bobber starts to tug as though a fish has taken the bait. You must be patient and wait to see the action, or be denied of the catch. The robotic tugging of the bobber is a simple simulation of what many know as a pivotal moment before the fisherman hooks the fish. The fluorescent bobber and the sound of the water drips are meant to attract spectators, blurring the line between who is really being lured in.

Le flotteur (documentation vidéo)

Le flotteur (détail)

Le flotteur (vue d'installation)

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